‚ÄčAbout Us

We opened the doors to this historic 1890's schoolhouse in September 2014 with the vision of offering a series of high quality health, wellness and personal development programs to the community along with exciting one-day workshops and regular musical performance events.  As our photo gallery will attest, we certainly did that, with everything from Zumba to music and art workshops.   

Our History

The beautiful brick building known as S.S. #4, West's School, is located on County  Road 30 just north of the Town of Campbellford (beside Westben Festival Theatre).  It was built in 1890 by Charles Dunk and Louis Breault to replace an earlier frame schoolhouse which had burned to the ground a short time before.  Named after the West family which had previously owned the property, the schoolhouse had slate blackboards added in 1906, was electrified in 1949 and later, an addition provided washrooms -- a welcome improvement on the outside wooden "closets".   

When the rural schools closed in 1967, the property was purchased by the Women's Institute and beautifully maintained until sold to the current owners in 2013, who remain very grateful that they don't have to arrive at five in the morning to light the fire before classes begin!

West School Collective